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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the quickest, easiest way to transform your hair - from filling out those bits that never grow, adding length or thickness, or trialling colour without the commitment.

Vivo searched far and wide to find the perfect extensions to offer our clients. We use only the best Remy hair extensions from Showpony Professional, a business owned and run entirely by women, who stock a full range of versatile, non-bulky tape extensions with an ethically sourced philosophy.

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Want to know more about Hair Extensions?

  • Our Showpony hair extensions are Remy A+ high quality 20% European and 80% Indian blend and single drawn (tapered ends which blend flawlessly with natural hair)
  • Available in 10 natural colours in a range of lengths including 14”, 20” and 24".
  • The Showpony range offers on-trend colours, including ombre and two tone colours
  • All of our Vivo hair extension experts have been specifically trained in the installation of Showpony hair extensions, and will provide you with aftercare information that'll help you take care of your new locks!

How much do hair extensions cost?

Book a Consultation  |  Buy Your Hair Extensions Now

How much do Hair Extensions cost?

  • Hair Extension installations are $104 per hour (when using Showpony Hair Extensions). Extensions installed using other brands (including extensions supplied by the client) are priced accordingly - please contact your nearest Vivo Hair Salon for a quote.
  • Showpony Tape in - 14 - 20 inch - $175 for a pack of 10
  • Showpony Tape in - 24 inch - $218 for a pack of 10
  • Showpony Removal - $104 per hour
  • Showpony Refit - $104 per hour