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Blackheads and Breakouts

Blackheads form when a clog or plug develops in the opening of your skin’s hair follicles. Dead skin cells and oils collect in the opening, producing a bump called a comedone. If the skin over the bump stays closed, it’s called a whitehead. If the skin opens, exposure to the air makes it look black, and a blackhead forms.

Blackheads, pimples and whiteheads can affect all skin types and all ages

What causes blackheads and breakouts

•  Genetics
•  Health
•  Diet
•  Environment

Treatment options

Chemical Peels are an excellent option to deeply exfoliate, decongest, de-clog and disinfect skin affected by blackheads and whiteheads whilst reducing inflammation and preventing future breakouts. 

Microdermabrasion can help remove excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Microdermabrasion buffs away the surface layer of skin, revealing a smoother, more even toned layer beneath and is often used in conjunction with other treatments.

LED blue light therapy can also help kill the bacteria that causes active acne.