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Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a technique which is used to rejuvenate the skin and to remove various types of skin blemishes.

Chemical Peels are an effective way to improve skin tone and texture, resulting in a fresher more youthful complexion. Your Vivo Skin Therapist will tailor a specific chemical solution that will best address your skin concerns. Chemical Peels work in a variety of ways to stimulate cell renewal, refine, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, as well as regenerate and resurface damaged skin. A chemical Peel may also be combined with Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling, or IPL to provide accelerated and more dramatic results.

The active ingredients we use include Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – such as Glycolic, Lactic and Mandelic acid – as well as Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) like Salicylic acid, along with Retinoids (Vitamin A) and Enzymes.

Chemical Peels can diminish the appearance of

•  Fine lines and wrinkles
•  Sun damage
•  Pigmentation
•  Acne (including blackheads and whiteheads)
•  Scaring
•  Breakouts
•  Dry / Dehydrated Skin
•  Congested Skin

30 mins from $100
45 mins from $145

Your Chemical Peel Consultation

Your Vivo Skin Therapist will analyse your skin to detect any concerns you may have. After this assessment you will be told if you are a suitable candidate for a Chemical Peel. During this consultation, you will be able to ask your Skin Therapist any questions you have regarding the procedure. At this time your Skin Therapist will discuss what results you can expect to achieve with the recommended Chemical Peel programme.

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Your Chemical Peel Treatment

Preparation: Two weeks prior to your peel of choice you will need to start preparing your skin. Your Vivo Skin Therapist will advise you of the required skin care regime you will need to undertake before your treatment.

Duration: Your Chemical Peel treatment will take from 30-60mins.

Aftercare: The deeper the peel, the greater the likelihood of experiencing side effects, with increased recovery time needed. Some side effects that can occur include swelling, redness and stinging. Most superficial peels are safe and effective, whereas medium and deeper peels require careful pre-peel preparation and post-peel care. You Vivo Skin Therapist will give you the right post-treatment advice that is specific for the type of peel you have had.

After your peel, the skin will be tender and will need gentle care. The most important thing to remember after a Chemical Peel is to steer clear of picking, scrubbing or peeling the skin away yourself. Removing the skin prematurely can lead to complications such as hyper-pigmentation. Avoid scrubs, exfoliants and acne cleansers unless otherwise instructed. These products will only further irritate the skin, therefore slowing down the healing process.

It is essential to protect your skin using an SPF50+ every day. 

For Best Results: We recommend  3 - 6 treatments for optimal results. 

Not Recommended For: People who have active skin infections (such as cold sores), a history of problems with healing or who have had some anti-acne treatments in the past year.


Our top pick for those who haven't had a peel before

Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel

This deliciously refreshing treatment is the perfect peel for sensitive skin or for skin new to peels.

The blueberry extracts soften rough, uneven skin leaving a balanced complexion and dramatically smoother texture. Containing L-lactic acid, blueberries, blue corn meal and jojoba beads the magical mix is ideal for dry, sensitive skin requiring no downtime, with instant results providing firmer plumper looking skin.

This 45-minute treatment has received rave reviews from thousands of clients and Vivo Skin Therapists alike for its lasting results. 

  • Lactobotanical™ HYDRATING Peel

    Lactobotanical™ HYDRATING Peel

    Contains the power of Lactic Acid at three different strengths to boost hydration, target fine lines and wrinkles and visibly enhance the appearance of skin

    Gives gentle hydrating exfoliation

    Revives skin with minimal down time

    Suitable for all skin types, especially those that are dry or dehydrated


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  • Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel

    Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie Peel

    Great treatment for dull, ageing skin, mild acne or congested pores

    Part L-Lactic Acid exfoliant, part manual scrub, this treatment will soften rough, uneven skin for a balanced complexion and dramatically smoother texture

    Leaves skin immediately softer and smoother

    Gives superior antioxidant protection


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  • Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel

    Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel

    The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and concerns (especially hyperpigmentation)

    It contains 15% L-Lactic Acid, papaya enzymes and antioxidants from pomegranate seed oil for enhanced exfoliation

    This gentle, antioxidant exfoliating treatment leaves skin radiant, renewed and glowing


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  • Timeless Peel Treatment

    Timeless Peel Treatment

    Age Defying Peel with Vitamin A

    Stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell turnover to visibly reduce signs of aging and pigmentation

    Produces powerful results that may include mild to moderate flaking, depending on skin condition

    NOTE: Requires prep


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