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Breakthrough micro-channelling technology, DermaFrac helps you achieve beautiful skin easily, faster and more comfortably than ever before while being pain-free without any downtime.

Mircroneedling with simultaneous infusion, it's a fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free and medical grade aqueous treatment process that infuses your skin with topical results.

  • Dermafrac Treatment

    Dermafrac Treatment

    Mircro-needling with simultaneous infusion that treats scars, skin dehydration, stretch marks, superficial fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, such as sun spots and uneven skin tone.

    No pain, no bleeding, no downtime!


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  • Microderm + Dermafrac + LED Combo

    Microderm + Dermafrac + LED Combo

    This amazing combo includes a Double Cleanse, Express Microderm, followed by a Dermafrac Treatment and finished with a LED Light Therapy

    No downtime, no bleeding, no pain!


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How does DermaFrac Work?

  • A precision-controlled wand with a solution treatment cartridge (containing a high-grade fusion serum) tenderly rolls across the skin in a careful vacuum motion.

  • This vacuum-assisted occlusion places the skin under mild tension for a pain-free treatment groundwork, one that assists the gentle "pitter patter" of a microderm needles to safely and painlessly penetrate through the epidermis and into the DE junction.

  • This micro-channelled attention creates tranquil pathways to introduce the treatment serum directly into the area of the skin most benefited by a natural rejuvenation process.

  • There is never any bleeding or pain, as the depth of the microderm needles has been carefully selected to only access channels just below the dermal-epidermal junction and never deep enough to reach the capillaries or nerve endings.

What does DermaFrac Do?

A highly effective treatment, DermaFrac is a safe and gentle treatment for many skin types and has been shown to improve conditions such as:

  • Scars
  • Skin dehydration
  • Stretch marks
  • Superficial fine lines & wrinkles
  • Pigmentation, such as sun spots and uneven skin tone.
  • A natural filler for the lips to plump and fill naturally, without the need for Botox.
  • It's totally pain-free and has been proven to improve a natural "glow", as it hyper-hydrates and assists in a youthful gleam almost instantaneously due to the nature of the micro-wand assisted injection of clinical, all-natural solutions.

Your DermaFrac Consultation

Your Vivo Skin Therapist will analyse your skin to detect any skin concerns you may have. After this assessment you will be told if DermaFrac is a suitable treatment for you. During this consultation, you will be able to ask your skin therapist any questions you have regarding the procedure. At this time your skin therapist will discuss what results you can expect to achieve with the recommended DermaFrac programme.

Preparation: Discontinue any manual or chemical exfoliation 3-5 days prior. Avoid sun exposure 5 - 7 days prior .

Duration: 60 min

Aftercare: Please wear sunscreen after DermaFrac, as Vitamin C can heighten sun sensitivity. Additionally, please do not use any products with Retinol for at least five to seven days. 

Not Recommended for: Pregnant woman and women who are lactating. 

Please be aware, this treatment is currently only availiable at select Vivo Skin Clinics - Vivo Mairangi Bay, Vivo Smales Farm, Vivo Remuera and Vivo Ponsonby!

60mins $225.00 $ 191