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Curl Talk

July 27, 2020

For 25 years, Nigel has travelled the country educating and sharing his Curly Girl expertise in cutting curly hair, earning himself the reputation of the best curly hair specialist in Auckland.

We chat with Nigel Russell of Vivo Mairangi Bay about the needs of the curly haired community!

Q: Why does curly hair have such specific needs?

A: Curly hair has a different structure to straight or even wavy hair in that the follicle is oval rather than round. Most of the cuticle along the length of each individual strand is either slightly or completely open. This creates texture and almost doubles the volume It lifts off the scalp immediately as it grows so this makes it very susceptible to climate, humidity and extreme drying procedures.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about having curly hair?

A: That curly hair is difficult to control and is considered too unruly to be worn out day to day. With the introduction of online Facebook groups worldwide, a huge forum has developed enabling the curly hair community to embrace their curls by offering advice, techniques & style options .It has now become apparent that hairdressers need to resist the desire to try to tame curly hair. Instead, we owe it to our curly haired clients to find ways and most importantly cutting techniques that work with the natural shape and growth patterns of curly hair.

Q: What is the one thing you'd like a person with curly hair to know?

A: That there are a growing number of stylists that are trained and can be trusted to work with, rather than against, your curls. That underneath all the tangle of curls is a beautiful curly shape waiting to be released and once you learn to work “with” the curl instead of against it… life will get easier and you’ll learn to love your curls even more!

Q: What are your top products for curly hair, and why?

A: The curly girl community such as the Facebook group ‘Curly Girl New Zealand’ are well researched in curly products and can offer suggestions based on their own advice on curl suitability. My top tips and product picks are:

My favourite curl products are:

Finally, Curly hair needs definition but without weight so it does not lay flat or lank looking. Now, it’s time to embrace those curls! For more information head to the Curly Girl New Zealand Facebook page.


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