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Epidermal Levelling

Skin too sensitive for Microdermabrasion and need a solution? Need quick results or simply want to feel radiant?

Epidermal Levelling (or Dermaplaning) is smoothing method of exfoliation used by Skin Specialists to help remove “peach fuzz” and dead skin alike. Gentle, sterile and professional, this is a popular option among those with sensitive skin unsuitable for Microdermabrasion, or anyone else seeking an instantaneous healthy glow that want to rid themselves of fine facial hair.

Utterly painless and not half as scary as the method might suggest, Dermaplaning is a gentle and professional method of fine hair removal that employs feather-light strokes of a surgical-grade scalpel to cleanse the epidermis. Exfoliating gradually to better reveal a radiant complexion, precise scraping of a blade removes both unwanted facial hair and cleanses clogged follicles.

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Epidermal Levelling

  • Instantly removes soft “peach fuzz” or vellus hair.

  • Provides radiant, healthy skin with a direct impact on texture.

  • Helps reduce clogged pores and blackheads.

  • Helps improve effectiveness of active skincare products.

  • Assists in makeup application, as your skin is silky soft!

  • Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores.

  • Can be performed on clients using Retinols

  • Suitable for pregnant clients

  • Minimal Downtime - More sensitive skin may experience some redness after the first initial treatment. This normally goes away after 2 to 3 hours.

Some worry that Dermaplaning might hurt but that’s not the case at all, as most clients find the calm, repetitive motion as soothing as they do pain free.

And we know it’s the question in the back of everyone’s mind...will my peach fuzz grow back thicker?... absolutely not! Epidermal Levelling does not affect the hair follicle so it does not affect how your hair regrows.

Your Epidermal Levelling Consultation

Your Vivo Skin Therapist will analyse your skin to detect any skin concerns you may have. After this assessment you will be told if Epidermal is a suitable treatment for you. During this consultation, you will be able to ask your skin therapist any questions you have regarding the procedure. At this time your skin therapist will discuss what results you can expect to achieve with the recommended programme.

Preparation: Discontinue any manual or chemical exfoliation 3 -5 days prior. Avoid sun exposure 5 - 7 days prior .

Duration: Your treatment will take 30-45mins.

Aftercare: It’s essential to protect your skin using an SPF50+ every day and since Epidermal helps active skincare penetrate deeper, we recommend one of our targeted VIVO Facials directly after.

Not Recommended for: People who have active skin infections (such as cold sores) or those with active problem areas of acne, as the blade could irritate them further.

  • Epidermal Levelling

    Epidermal Levelling

    This treatment includes: Skin Analysis, Double Cleansing, Epidermal Levelling service, finished with a Serum, Moisturiser and SPF

    Removes both unwanted facial hair and cleanses clogged follicles

    Aftercare recommendations from your Skin Therapist


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